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It's a Lovely Life

from by Rocky Leon

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many people work too much. many other people however don't work enough. maybe because they already have a lot of money, maybe because they feel they don't need money. i do believe that you don't need much money to be happy, but it is really important to spend time doing something useful for the world.

humans are a social animal, and when people feel they are not contributing something meaningful to society they suffer, and they will try to escape, often by partying and consuming various intoxicants.

but it's not a party if you do it all the time. it's all about the healthy balance. you gotta work if you wanna play. ;)


It's a Lovely Life

sun rhymes with fun and rain rhymes with pain
but sometimes the fun times become a strain
so we work and run till the day is done
so we can get back to having fun

it's a lovely life don't you know i'm right
it's a lovely life every day and night
it's a lovely life so look on the bright side
life is lovely

Check out the girlies and check out the boys
Check out the men and women never making the choice
To take a step to end the pain
Instead just choosing to complain

sayin i don't wanna work but i wanna get payed
i don't wanna flirt but I wanna get laid
and I wanna play, but I don't wanna get played
but ur gonna get played if you're always afraid i say


you gotta work if you wanna play
otherwise you forget how to appreciate
but you gotta play if you gotta work
other wise you become a jerk - i say it loud

you can't party all of the time
you gotta balance on the tight rope line
cuz work and play are both necessities
if you wanna see the blessings of felicity


so if your life sucks get the fuck out and play
and if your life still sucks, get the fuck out the way
cuz if your life sucks then your doin it wrong
cuz you're not dancing all night long with me


from Quit Your Whining, track released December 14, 2011



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Rocky Leon Salzburg, Austria

they want me to write a bio that only takes up 400 characters?

lemme think...

my life is fun.

good times ;)

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