Lighting Fires

by Rocky Leon

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I been having an amazing summer Playing more shows than ever before But last week was a fucking bummer When some motherfuckers broke in through my fucking door I never trusted speculating banksters So I kept all of my cash in a drawer And I still gotta pay all of these fucking bills But now I can't fucking do that anymore Somebody broke in my door And then they opened my drawer Now I can't go to the store Ain't got no money no more Still gotta pay all of my bills But they took all my skrill So now I gotta hustle And so I will I'm looking forward to an awesome winter I forbid this shit from slowing me down I was running but now I'm a sprinter I'm a swimmer and I will not drown I refuse to feel like I'm a fucking victim now I'm not even gonna fucking frown But next time I'll go be a fucking pirate and Go bury all my money in the fucking ground Chorus But staying super positive is sometimes hard With rent and insurance for the fucking car I still gotta pay my taxes and so much more I shouldn't have left that money in that fucking drawer Chorus
Deira 04:09
Es wird ollas immer deira 'as göd bleibt gleich und ollas wir immer deira Wos soi d'n des? Warum wird ollas immer deira? Es wird ollas immer deira - ollas immer deira Es wird ollas immer deira deira - ollas immer deira Die Oaweit wird jetzt gmocht von Algorithmen und Maschinen Trotzdem muas i jetzt nu mehr hackln um gnuag zu verdienen Die Maschinen werden besser, billiger und oiwei schnölla Warum wirds dann nur deira wos zum Kriagn auf mein Tölla Es wird ollas immer deira... Der Elektro Huaba der mocht zua der kon ned konkurriern Mit de großen Firmen die sei Oaweit automatisieren Und sei Bua hot a schlechte Schui weis ois privatisieren Und die Politiker duan nua nu die Ausländer thematisiern Und es wird ollas immer deira... I oaweit immer mehr und ois wird immer deira Kummt da Amazon daher und der zoit ned sei Steia I oaweit immer mehr und ois wird immer deira Und Amazon, Google, Ikea, Apple und nu vüle mehr zoin ned eana Steia Es is jo echt zum Rean, des gonze Göd geht zum Konzern Und dann kummt so a Politiker, der wü ma dann erklären, Des san die Ausländer! Ausländer san schuid! Na! Große Konzerne schicken klaane Betriebe in den Konkurs Und sie zoin owa dann ned amoi eanare Steian Owa da Staat hot Schuidn und er spoat bei die Kloan Und die Reichen und die Großkonzerne feiern Wir zoin brav die Steian auf an lächerlichen Lohn Fia de Stroßn, de Schuin, de Kronknheiser und de Kanalisation Boid konn i ma nimma leistn do zu wohnen wo i wohn Weil si Reiche nu weida bereichern mit Immobilienspekulation Ois wird immer deira und es soit eigentlich billiger werden, Oida, wos soi denn der Hohn Die Läden mit Leit de gengan olle ein, jeder bstöt bei Amazon - jo na kloa Maschinen die hackln hoid a vü besser ois wir, brauchen a goa keinen Lohn Und die Reichen die schleichen si mit oi dem gonzen Gewinn anfoch davon Owa wonn die Reichen kane Steiern zoin, wer zoit donn mei Pension? Es wird ollas immer deira… We got deep learning algorithms and robotic machines We should all be chillin' out like we're kings and we're queens Everything should be cheap, clean and fair From the food that we eat to the clothes that we wear But I still gotta work. What the fuck is this? Amazon already put everybody out of business There is no more work. And now we need welfare But the government's like “Pff – go to hell! There's no more money for public funds” That's cuz we barely take any from corporations And the unemployed masses can't pay taxes Maybe we should tax the automation
We burn that coal and we pump that oil We dump that toxic sludge in the soil We burn that coal and we pump that oil And we carry on until the oceans boil Forget about the energy that comes from the sun Forget it cuz it cannot be owned by anyone Forget about the power that is blowing in the air We're here to make money and we really don't care If the world burns and the soil dries So the factory churns and the oceans rise As the child leans another species dies And he tries to understand why Chorus We need some of the heat from the rays of the sun But if we don't retreat our days will be done And the kid that you see as he plays having fun He'll be dead – So dead The rays of the sun are becoming a threat With enough energy to power a jet If we don't use it, we're bound to regret it The heat is rising, let's not let it Chorus The wind, he blows in the north and south He blows out of your nose, the wind blows out your mouth He is a powerful force, open and free He's a better source of energ... Chorus
I shouldn't have to say this, but authoritarians suck! I don't care if you're left or right, authoritarians suck (You better get up) Black, brown, orange or white, authoritarians suck And if they come round, you better fight Or you can kiss democracy goodnight, authoritarians suck (You better get up now!) I shouldn't have to say this, but authoritarians suck! They only care about loyalty, authoritarians suck Brains are no priority, authoritarians suck Dictators or royalty, authoritarians suck Smooth and sweet or oily, authoritarians suck (You better get up now!) I shouldn't have to say this, but authoritarians suck! (You gotta beat 'em down) Medieval feudalists, German National Socialists Soviet Russian communists, authoritarians suck Globalists or patriots, Christians, Muslims, Atheists Homophobic or racist, authoritarians suck The people deserve to be free, just let them believe what they want to believe We all want a world that is fair, just let people wear what they want to wear I wanna do what I do, so I gotta let you go be you, unless you Hurt someone else or stop them from doing whatever that they wanna do I shouldn't have to say this, but authoritarians suck!
There's so much hate in the world today I wonder if it has always been this way Is it a new thing? Or an old thing? Cuz every little thing that could separate Leads somebody to start to hate Is it a new thing? Or an old thing? Hate makes people worsen and worsen, my dude Some people even hate others for loving the wrong person, my dude It's nuts, I'll go say it real slow. The more love the better I'll say it slow cuz they still don't know The more love the better We comin' fast to go kick 'em in the ass Let go of all that hate it's tearing us apart The only medication is opening our heart The more love the better The hate is born out of stupid fear I wonder what the fuck you did here What are you doing? And not doing Do away with the fear and the hate disappears Have a beer with your enemy and open your ears Are you listening? Please, say that you're listening Hate burns you out till you're spittin' and cursin', my dude Love is what your inner child needs to be nursin', my dude Chorus You may not relate to the things people do But letting yourself hate only makes it get harder for you Chorus
To all the people everywhere that are feeling so scared Don't be afraid! The fear is poisoning your mind and making you unkind Don't be afraid! We'll only know for sure in time, but it'll probably be fine We can make a paradise But fear can make you paralyzed Gotta open up that pair of eyes See past all the scary lies If we all act like enemies Guess what! We'll have more enemies Well done, great job, congratulations! The world reacts to your expectations Chorus When we fear for our protection Fascism wins the elections When we're afraid of rejection We're left alone with our erections The fear that he could not provide It led my friend to suicide It's dark I know but you got to hear No good can come from fear Chorus The newspaper is always full Of dark-skinned foreign criminals Make a victim look like a vulture Coming to take your money and your culture Pff - what? Are you kidding me? That is no way to look at humanity! Everyone everywhere just wants to take care Of the land and the friends and the family But the men looking down from the top of the tower Use this fear inside of us It's the oldest trick in the book of power Step one: dividing us But living in fear is a deal with the devil Whether globally or simply on a personal level You gotta fight the fear and to fight you must Relearn how to trust To all the people everywhere, that are feeling so scared Don't be afraid! Don't be afraid! Fear for our prosperity destroys our solidarity Don't be afraid! Don't be afraid! This growing sense of nationalism is so irrational Don't be afraid! Don't be afraid! If you live in fear the love will disappear Don't be afraid! Don't be afraid! Just put the fear out of your mind It will only make you blind And we'll only know for sure in time, But it'll probably be fine
Marie, you are so lovely Come in a hurry and take care of me You know I love you and you're the only one for me You're from above like the moon and the sun, Marie Oh baby, now let me ask you humbly For forgiveness for whatever I have done, Marie I did something, but what? I'm still wondering And I'm so sorry cuz you're my honey bun, Marie I am all in and you know I am not bluffin' I love you more than turkey with gravy and stuffin' Well come right here and let me give you some good lovin' Marie, my lovely lass, you are my muffin Chorus Marie McAyner may not be the queen of China But she' never been a whiner. Making me feel finer Marie McAyner is even kinder than me And I wanna be behind her Chorus
The rapids run quite quickly under me and my canoe On waters flowing leading me to you And on this expedition, oh the road in front of me Is all Mississippi as far as I can see Said gimme a sign, Lord - loud in love like the above Let me know I'll make it to my love Then gimme a long board and I know I'll reach my goal and that is Warm warm water to my soul Oh sweet heart Chicago, oh she sends me off with gold Says, tell old St. Louie I said hello And our destination is so far away it seems And we'll stop and have a drink in New Orleans Chorus On the day when I arrive and I see those loving hips Oh, I'm gonna run right up and I'll kiss her on the lips And I know that every mile, trial, story to be told Is worth far more than any weight in gold Chorus
A little cloud passes in front of the sun And you fear the party is done And the beer that you're drinking cannot stop your thinking And you wanna run, but the fun's just begun So come shake your bum-bum in the rain water Come every mum-mum mother, every daughter If you've only got a little here's a lot of fun And not a rotten apple Life's what it is, so live with it Just do your best, try to deal with it Can change yourself, but you can't change the weather Or run away, if you really think that's clever The rain has stopped, the sun has dried all up The party is rockin', I'm back at the top There is that girl that you've been waiting for so long Walk over for a drink and ask yourself what could go wrong And there's that dude you've known since you went to school And you can count on him, but drunken he's a fool Comin' over to ya' smile like wanna screw ya' “Is that the chick you banged after goin' to the pool bar?” Life's what it is, so live with it Just do your best, try to deal with it Can change yourself, but you can't change the weather Stick your head in the sand, if you really think that's clever Life's what it is, so live with it Just do your best, try to deal with it Can change yourself, but you can't change the weather Or hide from life, if you really think that's clever
We all got a lot to blame, for all that is wrong While everything has been the same for so long We all got our wars that we fight. Let's send ourselves home So the fire in our souls may unite babylon Now we're taking back the controls No longer distracting our souls Gotta grow from a half to a whole And the path is the goal, the path's the goal Light up your fire We all got a purpose on earth - a quest if you will But if we don't see what we are worth we get ill So if you feel like you're stuck in a rut, just trudging along Gotta learn to listen to your gut, tell your head to shut up, before the fire is gone We all got a torch we can raise To find our way out of the haze It's time to awake from the daze Chase our lazy ways away Light up your fire You feel the weight of the world is resting on your shoulders Do not hesitate, we're all just getting older The colder the mould, the harder it get's to break it Wake up, Jakob! I know you can make it Don't let society tell you who you gotta be and Don't live so quietly, hell! You are not a tree, man Don't put the blame on another man's name Set the game all aflame and set yourself free Don't waste your potential, playing by the rules They're inconsequential - obeyed by tools And your fire's essential - you don't even need a credential It's not even one of the things that they teach in schools So listen, listen – listen to this You're missin', missin' out on your bliss I'm not dissin' you, kid, you don't gotta fight it I just wanna see your fire, so come on and light it up Light up your Fire


Ladies and gentlemen, it is with great pride and pleasure that I am formally announcing the release of my 4th album, Lighting Fires. 

When I look around at what is going on in the world, I get the sense that we are losing touch with ourselves and one another. There is too much division and not enough connection. Too much fear and not enough faith. Too much hate and not enough love. Too much shouting and not enough listening. Our world has become so complex. It has become so hard to separate truth from lies. I've found that in times like these it is increasingly important to listen to your heart. Your intuition. Fear is the language of the mind. And our minds have become so cluttered. 

Anyway long story short, I like to keep my messages simple and universal. Don't be afraid. The more love is better. Take responsibility for your life. Kinda like a Chinese fortune cookie. No one wants to listen to stupid political songs about how we should stop voting for authoritarian strong men who enable big corporations to destroy the planet while draining the economy by not paying their taxes and then automating everything, thus leaving more people unemployed who then in turn can no longer pay taxes while more and more wealth is concentrated in the hands of a few and society stands on the brink of collapse. 

So I made a point of not writing songs about any of that...


released April 6, 2019

All songs written, performed and recorded by Rocky Leon except Warm Warm Water, written by Ben Keeler, and Change the Weather, written and performed by Rocky Leon and El Oso.

Trumpets on Drawer, Burn That Coal and Light Up your Fire as well as the Harmonica on Burn That Coal by VZI (

Additional Vocals on Burn That Coal by Antoine Beaudoin Humbert (

Backing vocals on Marie and Change The Weather by Mie. Saxophone on Burn That Coal by Dmitry Rekun.

Recording engineering, additional programming, mixing and mastering by Lukas Wiltschko at LW Sonics (

Graphic design by Veronika Šlachtová ( Cover photo by Ruslan Zakirov.

Special thanks to Marie Macheiner, Mario Parizek, Carla Weinzierl, my mom and everyone else who supported this project. Love you guys!

© 2019 Rocky Leon Productions


all rights reserved



Rocky Leon Vienna, Austria

they want me to write a bio that only takes up 400 characters?

lemme think...

my life is fun.

good times ;)

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