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In the Flow

by Rocky Leon

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Dmitry Brutov
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Dmitry Brutov It's f*cking awesome!!! XD Favorite track: Get out of Bed.
Brad Tilghman
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Brad Tilghman Rocky keep being awesome! I don't know what to say besides this man is fantastic. Help support this guy he deserves it! He is a fun musician who either will give you a good message to think about or just have a lot of fun!
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this EP is the first production that features another musician. my bro fabi who's joined me on several tours as my technical assistant, roadie and production manager is infact also a talented pianist who can also sing. we began playing and performing together in the fall of 2014. now we made an album together. weee! X)

on this album we cover a wide range of musical styles as always, but i also deal with a variety of different topics. from the challenge of getting out of bed in the morning to the manipulation of the news, societies obsession with status or the importance of listening to your own needs and standing up for yourself. 

i spent the entire summer in the studio while everyone else was enjoying record breaking heat of close to 40ºC almost every day in vienna chillin by the danube river. now that i've finished the temperatures have plummeted to like 10º. god it was like 30º at night for 2 months … you can't imagine. in the middle of the city. i eventually bought an air conditioner for my room or i would have never been able to finish it.

ok rocky, now quit your whining! :D


released September 4, 2015

Vocals, Guitar, Production, Recording, Mixing and 'Mastering' by Rocky Leon.
Keyboards, Backing Vocals and Production Consulting by Fabu.



all rights reserved


Rocky Leon Salzburg, Austria

they want me to write a bio that only takes up 400 characters?

lemme think...

my life is fun.

good times ;)

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Track Name: Follow the Herd
hello good evening ladies and gentlemen
i got a feeling then yes i got a sentiment
that needs revealing, so i gotta vent again
don't wanna let in any more resentment

so many people trying
tryn to blend in with the crowd
keeping their spirit from flying
fearing they aren't allowed

grazing along with the other sheep
in line at the shopping mall
inside the void has grown so deep
can it be filled at all?


we go to work for making money
that how we measure how much we are worth
it doesn't matter how you treat the people
it doesn't matter how you treat the earth

we got a duty to ignore the beauty
the earth has provided you see
we must consume or else we are doomed
to be or not to be

we'll never fall never follow the herd
we'll never follow cuz they all are absurd

i got a thing and it's working alright
but they made a new model this year
so i gotta buy it and get rid of this one
to keep the respect of my peers

the clothes that i buy will last one season
then they go in the trash
not that they stop keeping warm the reason
is that they go out of fashion
Track Name: So Nice
rise up to face another day
the only day i know
climb up and chase the ghost away
count from one to three and then let's

get up out of bed and straight out the door
have a quick jog then down on the floor
healthier body healthier mind to get in the flow
now it's time to go i'm telling you it's

so nice to be in the flow

now you can go and take a shower
but please don't take too long
there's still so much we gotta do
and don't waste water waisting water's wrong

now you can eat what you like
put on a jacket and get on the bike
gotta work hard to get the work done
cuz when the work's done i'm telling you it's

so nice to be in the flow

there are certain things we like to do
theres other of things we don't
but those things need to get done as well
and if we don't do them then they won't

won't you join me after work at the park
to lie in the sun until it gets dark
talking to you under a tree
everybody! come sing it with me

so nice to be in the flow
Track Name: Get out of Bed
every morning the sun'll rise
i open up my eyes, but i can't get up
i know that rising would be good for me
or it would sure be but i can't get up

i know, i know, i ought'a go
outside up up up up out into the sun
but though i know i'm not gonna go
cuz last night i just had too much fun

so i'm rolling over and i go back to sleep
in the morning time i never need to count the sheep
because i sleep so deep i'm like a sleepy heap
i never even hear the alarm going beep beep beep

get outa bed outa bed outa bed now

just try and deny it, not only the one
i seen it. i mean it. get out in the sun

i'll be falling never calling, even when it's good
i'll be sullen never telling, even if i should

i'll be waisting all my time, busting out another rhyme
when it's only in my mind, cutting in another line

i'll be in this way to far, crashing in another car
now it's up a rainy star, i'll be sleeping at the bar

just try and deny it not only the one
i seen it i mean it get out in the sun

well i'm sick of not getting out of bed till noon
and it's winter so now it'll be dark real soon
and the big baboon sings a tune about the moon
while he's eating a maroon balloon with a spoon

think of all the time i'm wasting
i could've saved the world by now
but i'm sitting on my couch just tasting
beer. yum. 1 2 3
i've been thinking about just setting an alarm, getting up and getting out
find a better thing to do than sleep till two if you know what i'm talking about
got a bed with a pillow and it is so chill but i really wanna to a bit more with the day
but the fellow with the cello who's getting mellow forgot what was gonna say

and all the things that he thought that he really wanted said
and everything he wrote down
but all i gotta do is lift my head
and not lay it back

get outa bed outa bed outa bed now
Track Name: See the Sky
i wonder if those men could see the sky
or feel the rays of the sun
i think that it must be hard to learn to fly
if you always on the run

you're on the run from yourself every day
you're working so hard you forget how to play
and while the world spins round you begin to drown
let your love for life just fade away

so your blaming the economy
shaming who you wanna be
and for the comfort of false security
you go and sacrifice your autonomy

oh - and there's another man, been led to believe
the value of your life depends on how much you receive
yo! but what you're looking for will never make it alright
you'll just keep wanting more and forget all about the starry sky at night

i wonder if those men could see the sky….

so a dude sits alone he could be anyone of us
playing with his phone in a tree or while on a bus
he don't look up so he won't get sucked into the
endless stream of thoughts and dreams that lead him back to cannabis

constantly got the feeling of being
overwhelmed by all the shit he's hearing and he's seeing
he hates how media's become so controlling and
turns to his news feed to keep on scrolling

i wonder if those men could see the sky...

oh and theres another man, who just wants to provide
for the family he loves so much, but also for his pride
but hey! by now you ought to know, when you take more than you need
you just keep wanting more and your love for your family just turns to greed

i wonder if those men could see the sky…

oh no! and now another man slowly loosing his head
cuz all day long while his TV's on he's being pacified and mislead
since it's all the same he'll just watch the game and have a couple more beers
and the bombs are dropping while the pawns go shopping and never shedding any tears
Track Name: Nothing Left
nothing left

open your mind if you wanna come along
there's nothing left but the here and now

open up the door just pull on the handle
drop it to the floor if it's too hot to hold
here is a match now light up your candle
let all your fear disappear with the cold

and when night time comes we can huddle together
come over here so we don't have to freeze
just like the fire nothing is forever
so listen to the sounds
of the wind in the trees

open your mind if you wanna coma along
there's nothing left but the here and now

well now the stars shine bright from another dimension
the moon is peepin out at us from behind a cloud
the sound of the river rumblin likie an engine
but still all my thoughts, my thoughts are too loud

and when the night time comes we can huddle together…

open your mind if you wanna coma along
there's nothing left but the here and now

when i was waiting for somebody to come up and talk to me
nobody paid me any mind, i had not an identity
but when i made the choice to raise my voice and take a little chance i found
the sound of my feet on the ground is sweet when i dance

and when the night time comes we can huddle together…

open your mind if you wanna coma along
there's nothing left but the here and now
Track Name: Let that Fire Burn
Let That Fire Burn

You gotta go back home
or you'll get left alone
you gotta let that fire burn

you gotta go back home to the place you know
and remind yourself what's real
don't let it eat away at you

don't get stuck when you hesitate
and then hold it in till it's all to late
and there nothing left that you can do

it's keeps on rolling and rollin
just like a marble in your head
that is growin and growin
while the silence keeps it fed
till the smoking coals that lay tame
suddenly burst into flame
and burn down the world
over words unsaid

You gotta go back home

leaving ya feelings unspoken
can leave ya reeling or broken
sometimes ya need to stop joking and simply
say what's wrong
if you ignore yourself
you will end up in hell
all because you tried to pretend that
you were strong

so open up and then let it out
if you hold it you gonna scream and shout
you gotta think about finding another rout
cuz it's no good
don't you know you can't please everybody
life is good but not always a party
- you don't have to stand up for yourself
but you should

You gotta go back home
Track Name: We Are One
every damn day when i go turn on the news
i see hate crimes, war crimes child abuse
hate between christians and moslem and hindus and jews

all the while corrupt politicians with short sighted views
sell out the earth for a corporate schmooze
providing a scapegoat among us for us to accuse

the men at the top steal all of the wealth
exploiting the people and destroying our health
distracting us to keep us of us fighting among ourselves

but we are one we are one
we share this life under this sun
we are one we are one we are one

the media is owned by a handful of guys
in a perfect position to emphasize
trivialities and sensationalist distractions

but behind the scenes it is just a charade
TERROR WARNING - to keep us afraid
slowly strippin away all of our rights - in the name of protection

but we are one we are one
we share this life under this sun
we are one we are one we are one

the system's keeping us divided
and it's time to get united
we are one we are one we are one

it seems like all the news i ever hear is bad
makes it seem like the world's gone mad
but that's not the world that i see when i open my eyes

but when i listen to the news i start to fill up with hate
it's incredibly easy to manipulate me
when i have no way to tell the truth from the lies

so fuck the news fuck the news
fuck the fear that they infuse
fuck the news fuck the news fuck the news

it's too much energy i lose
that i need to fight the battles i choose so
fuck the news fuck the news fuck the news

with all the lies i just don't know what to believe
but i know one thing

we are one we are one
we share this life under this sun
we are one we are one we are one

the life i feel inside of me
is the same life inside a tree
we are one we are one we are one